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The NROA was founded in May 1977 - the first Rover Club on the Continent of Africa. Famous for pioneering and developing gas-turbine aero-engines and the jet-turbine car from 1939 to 1965, Rover has perhaps the widest range of vehicle types of any marque. Yet each different model retains a distinctive and inspired engineering flair. We at the Rover Club believe that our cars reward the effort that goes into their preservation and restoration because of their inherent high quality of design and workmanship.

The club was originally formed to cater for Rover owners who loved their cars and wanted to restore and preserve them as permanent possessions and a means of transport and fun. These aims are the same today; the Club welcomes owners of any model Rover, including Land-Rovers and Range Rovers.

Club activities include attending the major car shows, rallies, and social outings. Families with children are part of the scene. Our membership includes owners of all ages. Young and old share the enthusiasm that the name Rover always seems to stimulate.

We have built up a small stock of spares for the older models, and we are continually looking to expand this. But, in common with many other well-known car clubs, the NROA does not welcome those who join with the sole object of buying spares and then vanishing from the scene! In fact, new members must attend a number of rallies and must have been members for a year before they are eligible to buy spares from the Club. We have always been ready to give advice to any and all Rover owners although we naturally expect that they will join the Club.